Patrick Conway

I'm a Manager/Developer Person

I manage teams of front-end and back-end engineers, to build scalable solutions with rich interfaces. I also love to build things in JavaScript and Ruby.

Portfolio of Live Demos


A drag and drop web page builder. Features full support for text, images, backgrounds, and multiple page sections. Also includes a tutorial for navigating around the tool.

Backbone and Django


A rich text editor and content organizer. WebCake was designed to make it extremely easy to create web text content. Adding a new page is accomplished by pressing enter inside the list of pages on the left, and content can be richly edited in each page on the right.

Backbone and Rails


A drop in library to allow site owners to make rapid changes to their pages. Installs similarly to Google Analytics, and presents an editing interface to end users when they are logged in. This demo version allows you to edit the homepage of this site (changes are not saved).

Backbone and Django


Living in San Francisco

From Pittsburgh, PA

Penn State University

BS Information Science and Technology 2007